‘Mourinho’ is not happy with the plan to reinforce the Roma

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Roma manager Jose Mourinho has made clear his dissatisfaction with the club’s existing players and transfers. After the work of the Wolves team, the results are getting worse and worse. Recently, having lost 3-2 to Venezia,

Giallo Rossi is now down to sixth with 19 points from 12 games. The team has won just one of their last seven games in all competitions.

“Until it is mathematically impossible I want to keep saying that fourth place is our target,” Mourinho said after the team’s defeat on Sunday.

“Roma finished sixth or seventh a few seasons ago. The club tried in the summer. But the transfer of players is more like an activity than a team building.”

“I don’t think this team is stronger than last season. We lost many experienced players. We have to bring in players to replace those who have left. A lot of people in the team still lack experience at this level.”

“As a coach with a three-year contract, this season can be a pain in the body and mind. But it’s still very important for me to understand some things. Something I didn’t understand before I came here. Now I know more here than 2 months ago.”