7 dangerous sitting positions Endless back-shoulder pain

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Just sitting and working. It doesn’t seem to be harmful to the body because it doesn’t involve any heavy labor. But believe it or not, sitting still in a certain position for a long time It’s as dangerous as any other physical force user, especially those who are severely affected and have to undergo physical therapy for years. Spending tens of thousands of dollars, there are some sitting positions that should be avoided. Let’s have a look.

Dangerous sitting position, endless back and shoulder pain.

1. Sit with your legs crossed.

I think many people should know better. Sitting with your legs crossed may make you look good. But when we put our weight on one leg or foot, Plus the blood in the legs doesn’t circulate quite well. In addition to being more tired It also causes the muscles of the hips, waist, back extending to the back of the head to become deformed. The muscles next to the bones are asymmetrical. The ribcage tenses. and may cause the spine to bend. Nerve malfunction until the spinal disc deteriorates or herniated disc herniated nerve which is a popular disease among office workers

2. Sitting with a hunchback, belly on the back.

In addition to having a bad personality Sitting hunched over also causes the spine to arch. Especially if you stay in the same position for a long time. Didn’t move at all. It will make the muscles tense. Symptoms of lactic acid buildup until feeling fatigued all the time and the bones can be bent and permanently deformed

3. Sit in a seat that doesn’t cover your buttocks.

Take a good look at it. The grandchild sat only half the seat. The back is not leaning on the cushion. This causes the back to hunch without realizing it. It also makes the back muscles work harder because the base (butt) doesn’t guarantee full weight gain. สมัคร ufabet

4. Sit cross-legged.

Many girls like to put their legs up and sit cross-legged on a chair. Sitting in a meditative position for a long time May cause tingling. This is because the blood cannot circulate easily. And who is at risk, such as being overweight, getting older, or having bone problems? Sitting cross-legged for a long time It may also be a cause of osteoarthritis symptoms.

5. Sit on one leg.

The type that raises the legs Then put the other leg over the leg. or your own feet This causes the blood to circulate inconveniently like other sitting positions. There is also a risk of hip fracture. and the spine can bend like a cross-legged sitting position. Because of the imbalance of both legs.

6. Sit with shoulders raised.

Many people don’t notice that they are the ones who sit with their shoulders raised all the time. Especially people who work in front of a computer all the time. Reasons for lifting your shoulders without realizing it Because of the position of the chair cushion and the computer desk are not related to each other Maybe the chair cushion is too low. or the table is too high Therefore, when printing work or use the mouse You have to raise your shoulders to work more comfortably. It is the cause of shoulder pain. and chronic back pain

7. Sit and type on the computer on your lap.

If there is an emergency where you must sit and work with a notebook computer while there is no desk available. Many people tend to place it on their lap and sit and type. And may sit in that position for a long time if you look carefully at the keyboard. and the computer screen is too low. Makes us look down at the computer screen. Until there may be pain in the neck. Back pain without knowing