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5 beliefs about “weight loss” that are often misunderstood

After working from home for a long time, many people are now starting to return to work. Live your daily life normally Along with the new weight of the New Normal, many people want to lose weight quickly. You will be slim before coming back to meet your

7 dangerous sitting positions Endless back-shoulder pain

Just sitting and working. It doesn’t seem to be harmful to the body because it doesn’t involve any heavy labor. But believe it or not, “sitting still” in a certain position for a long time It’s as dangerous as any other physical force user, especially those who are severely affected

How to exercise so that you don’t become fat again?

Losing weight and maintaining a stable weight is It is important to change your behavior in terms of diet and exercise. Exercise is important for losing weight. Because it helps the body burn more energy. and helps increase muscle mass Increased muscle mass increases the body’s energy metabolism. This allows the body to

How to exercise? Best way to burn fat?

Want to exercise to get a beautiful, proportionate figure? and firm and fit It must be an exercise that helps burn fat well. But there are many people who go to the gym every day. But the weight had not decreased, and the thick rubber ring around her waist