Liverpool fan ‘Alisson’ is out of form, involved in all three goals.

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Some Liverpool supporters are outraged at Alisson Becker’s performance after believing the team’s number one should have done better with all three goals conceded in Sunday’s 3-2 defeat to West Ham. come

The Hammers were the first to impose a league defeat for the Reds in League C this season at 3-2, while the main focus is on The referee’s role was not to play Alisson’s foul when it was interrupted when he took up the ball until he conceded the first goal.

However, there are not many Reds fans who feel that Alisson has. Part must be responsible for every goal that is lost. And this match was one of his worst performances.

Liverpool had a nightmare at the office, going behind early after Alisson‘s own goal, before an awful second-half showing.

The visitors fell apart defensively at the London Stadium and they now sit four points behind current  Premier League leaders Chelsea.

Here’s a look at how the media reacted to Liverpool’s loss.

“He spent the entire game sleeping,” one fan commented on social media.

to many more comments that vent their emotions “All results are from Alisson.”

“This was one of his worst games for the club. Just as in the defeat to Manchester City last season, “

Alisson has a bad performance with all three goals conceded today.”