Madrid gives Mbappe the green light to choose release date.

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Real Madrid gives opportunity to Kylian Mbappe as new striker Decide on your own time to announce your transfer to control the situation smoothly football.

Mbappe is in a tense situation with Paris Saint-Germain. Because the status of trainer Luis Enrique’s team has changed. Since the club announced that the number 7 striker would be leaving the team at the beginning of February UFABET 

The French national team’s striker has always been number one on the team. Has been taken off the field several times and Enrique has openly said the club is preparing to rebuild the team without Mbappe.

Spanish outlet Marca reports that Mbappe will have permission from Real Madrid to choose a time. When the transfer will be officially announced. So that the atmosphere within the PSG team is not more tense than this.

As expected, Mbappe will likely choose the time to join France’s national team camp before Euro 2024 kicks off. And it is unlikely he will announce his move to Real Madrid in advance of PSG is eliminated from the UEFA Champions League.

Mbappe may be dropped for many more games in Ligue 1. Which is unlikely to miss the championship this season. But he will be an important force in the Champions League. Where he will face Barcelona in the final eight. The French national team striker is fully committed to ending the match against PSG with the European championship.