‘Neville’ is like a shapeless drunken Man Utd

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Compared to the picture, when celebrity guru Gary Neville told Manchester United, he looked like a drunken man who tried to fight but was helpless, unable to do anything in vain before losing 2-0 to Manchester City . say After

The “Red Devils” had been unbeaten Liverpool 0-5 Avalanche 2 weeks prior to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have been pressured heavily again. , Neville said,

“The Blues”. Act like United as a toy, and liken the former club as a drunkard trying to win the competition when there is no way.

with Liverpool It was like being beaten, whipped and whipped, and this match (lost to City) was like being anesthetic. It’s like you’ve been put to sleep, Manchester City just convinced Manchester United to close their eyes.”

“For the last half hour City treat United as a toy. Make them look daft, puzzling. I’m a United fan. I was amazed with the quality of Manchester City, really, “

” Let me explain United. Like a drunkard trying to win the fight that night. Just trying to throw my arm away but really can’t do anything. They haven’t even thrown a lot of punches.”

However, Neville thinks United won’t be sacking “Ole” before the season ends.

“It’s a mess. Almost got to the point where watching the game gave me a headache. You can lose in football games. But I feel Manchester United have to lose in a clear way. 

They have nothing left with City. They’re not even close at all.”

“The club won’t do anything. Feeling like they had to fire Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 10 days ago to get Conte in? Conte would never have been appointed by the club’s board of directors. It could never happen here, “

” plan, and this season is to stick with Ole Gunnar Seoul Sharma to finish the season, I still believe this even after the “Today

” the voice on social media. It’s different on the field. Spurs fans sang “Nuno, get out”, but fans wouldn’t do that here. Not because this is Ole. They didn’t do that to Jose or David Moyes, Louis van Al or Ron Atkinson 30 years ago

. they have respect But it’s like a train derails. Now it’s not moving forward. And it’s also going back very quickly.”