‘Nuno’ cuts off the most brutal football

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Nuno Espirito Santo has opened up for the first time since being sacked by Tottenham last week, saying football is the most brutal sport. After having the opportunity to control the chicken team for only 4 months.

Former Wolves manager Was named after Jose Mourinho to take over the job at Spurs at the end of June. He had the chance to make 17 appearances for the team, winning only five of his 10 in the Premier League.

Last season aged 47, has revealed his feelings after being fired for the first time via Instagram admit that not everything went according to plan with grouse football most ferocious

“Wow, the last few weeks. Ma, it’s too busy to say anything,” Nuno vented.

“This is football. It’s the most brutal sport. A few weeks ago I just won the Manager of the Month award. Everything passed very quickly until now. And a few days since I was sacked by Spurs “

” This is my life, I have to move forward to the next looking for a challenge, “

” Finally, I must thank the fans Spurs. with the opportunity to take over the team in a great club I’ve always fantasized about bringing trophies to the club. But everything doesn’t go according to plan.”

“That’s all we have to live and learn. Hope to read the post from everyone. And thank you again for your continued support.”