Premier League, Tuesday, April 25, with highlights – points table

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Premier League, Tuesday, April 25, with highlights – points table: Leicester at the mouth of the abyss, Villa Chi Top 4.

English Premier League battle  Last night there were 3 matches play. With interesting games in the escape battle between Leeds United at home to Leicester City. Wolverhampton Wanderers against Crystal Palace.

Wolverhampton 2-0 Crystal Palace.

(Anderson [OG] 3 Neves 90+4)

The game in which the hosts Molineux took the lead early from Joachim Anderson’s own goal from the 3rd minute. Then the visiting team tried to speed up the game to attack hard while the Wolves retreated. Come down to defend and wait for the garden to return. Although the visitors had more possession of the ball. But there were few clear chances to make an effort, plus in the extra time of the second half, Wolves received a penalty and Ruben Neves shot into the box.

Aston Villa 1-0 Fulham.

(Mings 21)

The game at Villa Park, the home side was quite clear and took the lead from Tyrone Mings in the 21st minute. After which they continued to focus on possession of the ball and find opportunities to attack, hoping for a second goal, but could not. While the visiting team today, the offensive game created almost no chances. The whole game only shot 2 times and didn’t hit the frame at all, resulting in the end of 90 minutes, 3 points for the rising lion, successfully rising to 5th in the table.

Leeds 1-1 Leicester

(Sinisterra 20 / Vardy 80)

The game at Elland Road was a visiting team. That had slightly more possession of the ball and had a shot at first. But was pulled back by VAR until the 20th minute. The home team took the lead from Luis Sinisterra, but more than the visitors. Will come to equalize, having to wait until the 80th minute from Jamie Vardy. Allowing points to be divided for two teams to escape relegation