Rio believes it’s time for ‘Solskjaer’ to continue to send the wand

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Rio Ferdinand, famous football guru and former Manchester United team-mate of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, admits it may be time for the smiling boss to surrender the bench. Others to bring the Red Devils to Solskjaer are under enormous pressure. 

After controlling the ghost team out to sea Play ball without shape, no future. Having suffered an embarrassing defeat to Liverpool 5-0 and Manchester City 2 at Old Trafford since the Norwegian manager stepped into the team.

Three years ago, until now, he still failed to lead the club to trophies. Plus, it’s likely to be frustration for another year. With the league’s performance now, the team let the “top of the crowd” Chelsea score nine points clear. 

(Premier League and UEFA Champions Champions League) and seeing the reinforcements it’s even more exciting We all thought at that time. “It’s our turn now.”

“Ole was drawn to lead us to that point. He’s been brought in to make the team better, bring in players so we can challenge the league.

“I’m sitting here. And don’t think we can challenge the league championship. I look at our team every week and wonder. What do we do in terms of tactics? I don’t see philosophy Or anything that indicates that it’s United’s way of playing that comes from management. I sit and watch and get confused in the team.

Will he lead us to championships? I’m not sure. I hope he can do it.

Plus what I’ve seen this season. It might be time for him to pass the baton on to someone else, so we have to move on, “

” I think Ole move away with your head held proudly “

“. He really did what he had to do for the team. He came to give the fans hope again. Makes the fans want to come back to see the team again.”

“He did that Well done in that respect. But can he lead us to be champions? will take us to challenge the UEFA Champions Can the Champions League? I’m sitting here I have to be honest with myself and say I don’t think so.”